Diy Tips For A Cleanup After A Flood

After a major flood happens then the house is left soaked and flooded with water. It is essential that all the water in the house is gotten rid off completely. Even If the water has receded and the house looks normal there could be many pockets of moisture tacked in around the house. There could also be damage to the structure through rotting or growth of mold which can be fatal for the health of the family living there. Here are some tips for cleaning up after a flood.

– Observe the area around you and check if there are any fallen power lines. If there are, check to see that there are no cables in the water that could cause electrocution to you.

– Check to ensure that there no major problems with the structure before you decide to go in. Ensure that the foundation of the house does not look wobbly. Also check to make sure that the structure cannot cave in on you while inside. There should be no damaged and leaking gas pipes.

– Be on the lookout for water animals and other wild animals. Floods can bring with them dangerous animals like snakes and others that can cause you harm. Ensure that you scan the area where you are moving to make sure you do not encounter a poisonous animal or dangerous one.

– Switch off the power to the house. Ensure that the power to the house is switched off before you go in. When inside you can ensure that there are no power cables and cords in the water that can cause electrocute you before you switch the electricity back on. If you do not plan to use it leave it switched off.

– Use protective gear while cleaning. Ensure that you are protected properly before you dive into the cleanup process. Have your rubber boats, gloves, and masks on.

– Dispose hazardous items off well. Some items will be considered hazardous and should be disposed off in the right manner. Ensure that you discard such items in the recommended way by the manufacturer. Such items include batteries, paint and fuels. Check on the places where such items should be recycled. Do not put hazardous materials down your drain. They can cause you problems and also clog your drain.

– Dry everything out ensure that you dry out everything that has to stay in the house. This is because when the items remain wet they will grow mold which can cause you problems later.

– Disinfect after you get rid of all the water and the debris in the house you will need to disinfect the house so that you get rid of the unseen pathogens like viruses and bacteria that can cause you health problems.